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     A Roof Tune Up is a complete assessment of your roof preformed by a professional roofer, it consists of:

     ~ Replacement of Shingles.*

     ~ Replacement of Loose Nails.

     ~ A Complete Check of Seals. 

     ~ Re-sealing when necessary around Chimney, Air Vents, and Pipes

     ~ Clearing blockage from Eaves-troughs.

     ~ Re-nailing of eaves-troughs on whole house. 

     ~ Examining flashing and making any necessary repairs.

     ~ Fixing Ridge and Hip Caps

      ~ Replacement of any Broken Valleys.*

     ~ Replacement of Bathroom Flange.*

    *up to 21 Shingles

    *up to 1 eight foot valley 

    *up to 1 Bathroom Flange 


    Where two sloped roofs intersect to form a valley, meaning where two sides of your roof meet or where a dormer and your roof meet.

  3. Why are some estimates lower than others?

    Make certain you are comparing apples to apples when receiving your estimate. Licensed contractors who carry liability insurance and are fully covered by the WSIB will always cost more than the “Fly by night “operators. The advantage will always be a much better job with a legitimate warranty and on-going service and protection of your home. Unionized Contracting will install a complete roofing system as opposed to just shingles and nails.


  4. How do I spot potential trouble signs on my Roof?

    The most obvious signs of problems on your roof are missing, loose,or curling shingles. Other signs of damage, loose flashing, cracked caulking seals, yellowish stains, or bubbling of your drywall, if you notice any of these signs we will be happy to come out for a free evaluation. Any of these signs can lead to leaks and interior damage that could end up costing you more.

  5. How long does a roof last?

     We find that most roofs installed in the 1990s tend to have a life span of ten to fifteen years. Much of this is due to the type of shingle (3-tab organic) which was used back in the day. The designer shingles we install today are stronger lighter and have a much longer life expectancy.


  6. What is attic ventilation?

    Attic ventilation is a very important component of a properly functioning roofing system. Proper ventilation minimizes moisture and takes the pressure of the roof deck and shingles during the summer months by keeping the attic cooler. Proper ventilation is greatly enhanced by a properly insulated attic. Proper ventilation keeps the attic temperature as close as possible to the outside temperature.


  7. What are open Valleys?

     Are where two sloped roofs intersect to form a valley, we first apply an underlayment of a self sealing silicone treated slow released adhesive membrane, we then insert a 26 gauge upgraded metal valley and nail within 3 inches from the edge. Application of shingles will be applied and cut back once the shingles meet the middle of the valley; a chalk line will be applied before cutting back 4inches of shingles on the bottom and two inches at the top to form an open metal valley.

  8. What is Insurance?

    Insurance is put in place to protect the homeowner from any accidents that may occur. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the company they employ to do their roofing project has insurance, if not any accidents that may occur will be the responsibility of the homeowner not the company.

  9. What is Master Buisness?

    A Master Business shows the customer that the company is fully registered within Ontario and holds an HST number. It also shows how long the company has been established.

  10. What is an Operating Licence?

    An Operating License shows the customer that the company is allowed to work within that municipality. If the company does not show an Operating License the safety ministry could shut down the job leaving you with an incomplete project and no way to get it finished.

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