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Unionized Contracting How To Choose The Best Roof

               How To Choose A Great Company

What To Ask Checklist:

1. Customer Service:

Many companies fix your roof, collect payment and vanish! Make sure the roofing company has an excellent track record with customers and that they will follow up on the job if they have overlooked something. Unionized Contracting has a full-service department ready and waiting to help you when you need us.

2. Warranty:

Will the roofing company guarantee their workmanship and for how long? Providing a warranty means that, if the roof leaks, the contractor will come back and fix it for the life of the warranty. Unionized Contracting offers a 20 year warranty on any re-roof projects and a one year warranty on any repair.*

*Conditions Apply Call for more details


Find out how long the company has been in business:


Has it always operated under the same name? A roofer can offer a 20-year guarantee, but if he is not around after three years, his warranty is useless. Two out of three roofing companies dissolve in the first three to four years of operation because they cut corners, compromising quality and workmanship. But we guarantee all labor for a full 20 years


4. Property Protection:

Your home is the largest investment you've made. Protect it! Roofing is a big, messy job. A lot of waste must be hauled away and disposed of. Your home and landscaping need not suffer because you're getting work done on your roof. Make sure the roofing company will protect your home from falling debris with tarps and plywood. If not, you will probably risk unnecessary damage to your home.


Accidents do happen! Does the roofing company have valid and adequate insurance to protect your home and property and your neighbors' property too? 


6. Clean Up:

You will notice this part of the renovation the most! Make sure the company guarantees that they will clean up the work site every day, including the eaves-troughs and gardens around your home. They should clear away large debris and remove small metal pieces such as nails with a magnetic broom. Before you make your final payment, make sure you are happy with the state of your property.


7. Products and Material:


You want to make sure that the company’s products and materials have been around for a long time. That they are reputable and creditable. Make sure the valleys are metal (Unionized Contracting uses 27 gauge metal in the valleys, flashings, chimneys). Most company’s use plastics vents that animals can easily breakthrough. Unionized Contracting uses metal vents and replaces all caulking around the metal to ensure secure protection.  


8. Professionalism:


Image is almost as important as service. We take pride in our image, so if a company looks “rough around edges” you can almost guarantee your ROOF will look “rough around the edges”.


9. How long does a roof last?


We find that most roofs installed in the 1990s tend to have a life span of ten to fifteen years. Much of this is due to the type of shingle (3-tab organic) which was used back in the day. The designer shingles we install today are stronger lighter and have a much longer life expectancy. The IKO Shingles we use are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.


10. What are open Valleys?


Where two sloped roofs intersect to form a valley, we first apply an underlayment of a self sealing silicone treated slow released adhesive membrane, we then insert a 26 gauge upgraded metal valley and nail within 3 inches from the edge. Application of shingles will be applied and cut back once the shingles meet the middle of the valley; a chalk line will be applied before cutting back 4 inches of shingles on the bottom and two inches at the top to form an open metal valley.


11. Why are some estimates lower than others?


Make certain you are comparing apples to apples when receiving your estimate. Licensed contractors who carry liability insurance and are fully covered by the WSIB will always cost more than the “Fly by night “operators. The advantage will always be a much better job with a legitimate warranty and on-going service and protection of your home. Unionized Contracting will install a complete roofing system as opposed to just shingles and nails.