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  • Roof Tune-ups/Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Repairs
  • Full Roof specialist
  • Small Flats
  • Siding
  • Sofit
  • Fascia
  • Eavestroughs
  • Custom Metal Work
  • Window/Garage Door Coverings
  • Junk Removal
  • Christmas Decor (Supply, Install, Remove)
   Doing Things Better Than The Rest

At Unionized Contracting we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best roof possible. We always start with an Ice & Water Shield followed by drip edge, then synthetic underlayment that will cover the complete roof deck and finally the shingles to cover it all.

Ice & Water Shield - Provides a second line of defense against water penetration due to ice or rain on your roof. It is aligned with the lower edge of the roof and installed approximately 36" from the lower edge up the roof.

Drip Edge - Has two basic purposes. The first is to prevent blow-under leaks in wind-driven rains and snow. The second works like a shelf  that sticks off the edges of the roof. This supports the shingles so they are not just hanging off the edge of the roof.

 Synthetic Underlayment - This material will cover all the roof deck that is still exposed. It is completely water resistant, won't crack, peel or delaminate, offers outstanding strength and durability and is totally tear resistant making it a great material for both the homeowners and installers.  

Shingles - This is the final stage of your roofing project. It closes everything up making your roof totally water tight and secure from any rain snow or anything else the weather can throw at your roof.

Brands - We offer IKO products and CertainTeed Landmark products to our customers as they are both industry leaders in roofing products all over North America.  

                                               ROOF  TUNE UP
                              RE-ROOF VS TEAR OFF

  Tear Off: In many situations a tear off is mandatory. Due to excess layers of roofing, water damage, and wear and tear it is in the homeowners best interest to tear the roof down to the ply-wood and start fresh.

By starting fresh we are fully able to check the structural condition of your roof, which in turn allows us to to make the appropriate repairs before moving onward with the project. Once everything is inspected and proves to be in sound condition we can move forward.

Using newly innovated products on your roof surface, you can rest assure that your protecting your home from further leaks, damage, and the harsh elements that mother nature has to offer.

                             PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE

     It's a good idea for homeowners to protect one of their greatest investments. This can be easily done by signing your yearly Roof Inspection Package and conducting regular preventative maintenance on your home. Preventative maintenance consists of debris removal, cleaning gutters, resealing pipes, seams, vents, and flashing where needed, plus repairs of any minor roof problems that could lead to your roof deteriorating during the course of our long Canadian winters.