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Roofing Repairs

There are many different types of roofing repairs, From missing shingles to lifting vents and leaks. At Unionized Contracting we specialize in all your roofing needs. 

Seeing Is Believing! 

Have you ever been skeptical about what the roofer has to say? with no way to physically go check yourself you may feel trapped or forced to listen to this company without really knowing if what they are saying is true. 

We now offer recorded Roof Inspections and Roof Tune-Ups to ensure every customer has a positive experience that they feel confident about from beginning to end. 

Types of Repairs 

Exposed Plywood 

Exposed plywood is a major breach of your roofing system. This is a repair that must be dealt with in a timely fashion as it will cause a leak and that will lead to a number of other issues including warped plywood, wet drywall and insullation, and damage to your personal property. This much damage will cost you much more than just doing the repair. 

Split Caulking

Split caulking on your roof and windows could result in leaks that will cause damage to your home. Preventitive maintence on these parts of your home include refurbishing the caulking in these areas to prevent and seal out leaks. 


We now offer a completely guaranteed leak repair service, that will put any worry you have about your roof to rest. With our new Thermal Imaging Technology we can detect the exact origin of the leak and correct the issue before any more serious damage occurs to your property. 

Roof Tune-up

What is a Roof Tune Up?  A Roof Tune Up is a complete assessment of your roof preformed by a professional roofer, it consists of: 

~ Replacement of Shingles.*

~ Replacement of Loose Nails.

~ A Complete Check of Seals. 

~ Re-sealing when necessary around Chimney, Air Vents, and Pipes 

 ~ Clearing blockage from Eaves-troughs.

~ Re-nailing of eaves-troughs on whole house. 

~ Examining flashing and making any necessary repairs.

~ Fixing Ridge and Hip Caps 

 ~ Replacement of any Broken Valleys.* 

 ~ Replacement of Bathroom Flange.* 

*Up to 21 Shingles 

*1 Eight foot valley

*1 Bathroom Flange   

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